Top Things I Wish I Knew About Stock Market

If you are somebody who has dabbled in the stock market:

Chances are that you have heard stories of how some people have attained phenomenal success in the stock market by investing in some great penny stock in 2018. Don’t try to fall into a trap of negative controversy about how penny stocks are only hyped investment mediums. The reality is that penny stocks are so promising that they are sure to double your investment in the shortest possible time and therefore not everybody who has made their moolahs here will love to advise anyone else or even be able to see them making it!

What is an investment without the associated risks?

The stock market works perfectly on risks. The more the risks the higher the return that you can expect the returns to be! Nobody has become rich only by playing safe. If that is the intention of playing safe then one must be content with a very small return on investment. And if the small return on investment is all that one requires then surely stock market is not the place for such people. They might as well start a small business enterprise and make their ends meet.

The stock market is for the dreamers and the achievers:

This is the place where dreamers think of making palaces for themselves and in shortest possible time. The achievers are here because they have stuck out and not given up in spite of various temptations. They may have been those that have started out decent but lost everything here and learn the strategies to remake themselves again.

Once bitten twice shy:

A trader who has lost everything once in the stock market is a force to reckon with. he will never allow himself to come back to square one ever again!