Ways to Finance Your Designer Purse Obsession

Are you obsessed with designer purses? Who is not? Now if I were to write a Wishlist of my designer purses, I can write an endless list with no deficit of brands. But is it worth shelling out a month’s rent or sometimes three or four times your month’s rent on a designer bag? Would that be a serious investment? To your bad luck what you most covet hardly is seen on the sale list!

Nevertheless, there are smart ways by which you can get closer to owning your dream bag, so don’t miss on these tips

  • Sign up with sites which give discounts on designer brands and get updated of new arrivals
  • Keep a watch on big time season sales at retail stores
  • Check out prices on international e-commerce sites, because sometimes you get a good price in the country who makes it.
  • Buy from reliable consignment stores that sell pre-owned designer purses who sells only products which look brand new. You can save a good 70 percent if you are ready
  • Don’t miss the big sale on e-commerce websites for the best buy. I got Louis Vuitton wallets from here for an 80 percent off.
  • Rent-a-designer purse option is good to consider because it is an easy option to use your favorite designer brands without cluttering your own closet.
  • Buy now, pay later is also a great deal because you get the option to buy the designer bag for a down-payment of a fraction of the price and pay the rest by choosing an interest-free payment plan. You can easily pay these installments in pieces as you happily walk off in style with your designer purse.

So, make your Wishlist without worrying about your finances and the designer purse of your choice is just a step away! Go grab them before anyone else does!