Read the reviews of latest CB radio: Cobra 18WXSTII Mobile CB radio

Cobra is a well-known range of electronic brand in which products are 100% centered towards drivers. Apart from that, it is said that Cobra produces the best quality CB radios around the world. CB radio reviews suggest that this particular Cobra unit is not fancy in terms of technology but it does what it is supposed to do perfectly.

Cobra 18 WXSTII mobile radio features a front speaker and is quite popular among RVs and motor home-owners. Let us have a detailed look on the features and working of this CB radio.

  1. Design and construction: This CB radio is known for its sleek and compact size. Its standardized 2 x 7 inch DIN face of the radio is perfect for in-dash mounting and it is capable of fitting in single DIN radio slots. It is capable of monitoring both CB channels and weather technology and can accurately scan through all 40 CR channels. The LED display of the CB radio is easy to read can display the channel number. It also displays incoming signal strength.

Cobra CB radio can pick 10 NOAA channels effectively and keeps you updated about the current weather news. The dual watch function of the CB radio allows you to monitor 2 channels simultaneously. The dynamic voice response circuitry allows clear communication and the heavy-duty microphone can be extended up to 9 feet.

Its squelch eliminates background noises when signal strength is low. It also supports emergency channels 9 and 19.

The integrated sound tracker technology ensures that CB signals sent and received are clear.

  1. Overview: The front mounted Cobra radio is designed in such a way that it offers clear reception of incoming calls regardless of its installation. Its electronic turning and ambient noise provides quick and accurate tuning of all the 40 channels. This radio connects you to over 30 million CB s around the world. The front panel of the radio features a 4-pin screw that enables connecting mike.

  1. Recommended for: According to CB radio reviews, Cobra CB radio is a popular choice among RVs and motor homes. CB radios are a common sight found in SUVs, trucks and cars. It is ideally suited for installing in DIN radio slots but it can also be installed in U mounting bracket.

  1. Product includes: Cobra 18WXSTII set includes a radio, a micro phone; U shaped mounting brackets and screws. The kit also includes fused power cord and micro phone hanger.

  1. Compatible with: It is compatible with all the antennas in the market. The cable connection of the CB radio utilizes standard PL- 259 connection. You can either mount it in U slot to any flat surface or In-dish into any single DIN (2” x 7”).

  1. Radio dimensions: The dimensions of the radio are 7” W x 6.5” D x 1 7/8” H.

  1. Manufacturer warranty: Cobra CB radio is loaded with a manufacturer warranty of two years.


  • Scan
  • Dual watch
  • Emergency channel 9 and 19
  • Sound Tracker system
  • Last channel retention
  • Electronic tuning
  • Front-Firing speaker
  • Large LED channel display

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